Old news but worth revisiting – Bridge Smart

Twice in 2018, traffic approaching the port of Hull on the A63 had to be brought to a halt after a lorry crashed into one of the bridges spanning the road and the same has undoubtedly occurred on major trade routes across the country.

In fact, bridge strikes by trucks happen every day, causing millions of pounds of damage each year and incurring significant costs for fleet operators as well as generating possible reputational damage and legal action.

Now, Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), launched in April 2008 by Transport for London (TfL) to improve road safety and help reduce the wider traffic impacts of freight transport, has decided to tackle the problem.

In co-operation with TfL, Highways England, Network Rail, local authorities and emergency services around the country, it has launched “Bridge Smart”, a prevention of bridge strikes toolkit which includes guidance for managers and drivers.

It includes tools for improving driver knowledge, examples of best practice, internal communications resources and posters.

The toolkit explains smart, practical and easily adaptable measures that all lorry operators can take to reduce their risk of bridge strikes and, in the worst-case scenario, suggests how they may respond appropriately if they happen.

Graham Holder, FORS Head of Quality Assurance and Compliance, said: “As with many other FORS Professional eLearning modules, Bridge Smart is designed as a short, interactive training module aimed at HGV driving staff, but with benefits for transport managers and supervisors.”

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