LDP Transport Consultancy are a Yorkshire based proactive transport compliance and driver CPC training organisation helping firms all over the country remain compliant and improve their overall business. If you’re looking to achieve FORS accreditation or something similar, we can be your one stop shop as well as offering training and auditing services for your business.

Whether you’re a standard or restricted operator licence, we can ensure your meeting all of your statutory and regulatory requirements enforced by the DVSA and the Traffic Commissioner. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can give you the tools you need to stay one step ahead and let you focus on the ways you can make your business thrive. The Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act is a complex piece of legislation, and the adherence to an operator licence is ever-changing. The undertakings and conditions of the licence must be complied with at all times, which can be difficult without implementing adequate, measurable systems of controlling and monitoring all activities of your company, staff and vehicles. That might sound overwhelming but that’s why we’re here to help!

Our comprehensive auditing services are completed tailored to you and your unique business needs. We’ll asses your current systems and find the most cost-effective, least disruptive solutions for you to ensure you’re not only compliant with your regulatory requirements but also to make your business more efficient and let you focus on other aspects of running your company.

We take pride in our proactive, agile and effective approach and know that being able to seamlessly integrate our consultancy service is more important now than ever before. We offer a completely bespoke service and cover your training requirements that actually works for your business’ unique needs. At LDP, we don’t believe in death by boring PowerPoint presentation, which is why we bring you focused, relevant training sessions that can actually have fun doing! In most cases, we can come to your premises to conduct our training and audit services. We are always adapting to the changing demands of the transportation industry. No matter the size of your company, we can maximise your potential to take your business to the next level.

If you think we could help you and your business, contact us to explore your options. We’re a friendly, approachable team passionate about supporting our clients through seamless integration and consultancy as well as fun training sessions that ensure compliance. We work nationwide and have the knowledge and experience to support you no matter the size of your firm.

For businesses that operate large goods vehicles (HGVs), we offer support on Operator Licensing, from application to operational support, including compliance, drivers’ hours, tachograph regulations and driver CPC training.

What we offer:


We offer a range of services to both Restricted and Standard Operator Licence holders to ensure that they remain compliant with the strict regulations enforced by the DVSA and the Traffic Commissioner.


We offer a wide range of courses, to assist drivers and operators with road transport compliance.

Transport Manager’s shop

We offer a range of materials to assist in your role, this ranges from written policies and procedures including the FORS Standard. Drivers handbooks / Risk Assessments etc. We also have defect books and tacho rolls for your business.



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