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Expert Support before and after
Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiries

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Have you been summoned to a Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner?

Do you need support maintaining compliance after attending a Public Inquiry? Is your Operator Licence being challenged?

If called to a Public Inquiry, seeking specialised advice and potentially securing expert representation is crucial.

LDP Transport Consultancy can assist with every aspect of your operator licence and Public Inquiry, throughout all eight UK Traffic Areas: London & the South East, West of England, East of England, West Midlands, Wales, North West of England, North East of England and Scotland.

We support operators across all facets of operator licences and Public Inquiry processes, including:

Improve Operational Efficiency and Compliance from £695/month plus VAT.

  • Our commitment is to equip your business with the necessary tools for full compliance, enhanced efficiency, and simplified operations.
  • Our team comprises fully qualified Transport Managers, each possessing extensive industry experience and current HGV licences.
  • This unique background allows them to engage effectively with your drivers, fostering a more relevant and practical interaction.

LDP Transport Consultancy works alongside you, as your trusted partner, providing comprehensive HGV operator support which covers all facets of operator licences and Public Inquiry processes.

The difference between Public Inquiries, Preliminary Hearings, and Driver Conduct Hearings:

  • Public Inquiries conducted by a Traffic Commissioner review various aspects of transport operations.
  • Preliminary Hearings, though not Public Inquiries, act as case management hearings.
  • Driver Conduct Hearings address serious offences and are also presided over by a Traffic Commissioner.

Expert Guidance Through Public Inquiries is vital.

  • Obtaining specialist advice and representation is essential if you're facing a Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner.
  • Public inquiries can significantly impact your operator licence, and we have the expertise to support you effectively during this pivotal period.
  • Our team is skilled in guiding operators through this critical process.

Sustaining Compliance After Public Inquiries can be challenging.

  • Post-Public Inquiry, maintaining compliance is vital, especially with increased scrutiny.
  • LDP Transport Consultancy provides various services, from health checks to comprehensive audits as well as over-the-phone advice to keep you compliant and informed.

How LDP Transport Consultancy helps smooth the Public Inquiry Process

Comprehensive Assistance and Expert Representation for Transport Inquiries and Hearings

  • All LDP Transport Consultancy consultants are qualified CPC Transport Managers with extensive experience in the HGV sector.
  • Your consultant will provide you with top-notch advice, help prepare paperwork and personnel for hearings, assist with Traffic Commissioner requests, provide ongoing advice, and professional representation during hearings.

Flexible Consultation and Preparation Support

  • Our consultants are available for on-site visits and remote preparations, depending on your needs.
  • We maintain detailed records which can be used as evidence of compliance checks if necessary.

LDP Transport Public Inquiry Package

We offer a FREE Initial Consultation – call now on 0333 567 1966.
We usually advise the following that we take care of for you:

  • Operator Licence Audit
  • Manager Training
  • Driver Training
  • Professional Representation at the Public Inquiry
  • 6-Month Post-Inquiry Audit for ongoing compliance and submission to the Traffic Commissioner

Contact LDP Transport Consultancy today for all your operator licence and Public Inquiry needs.

Our team is prepared to provide the expertise you need to navigate the complexities of the road transport industry.

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