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Full compliance with Drivers' Hours and Operators Licensing legislation, is vital for your livelihood as an HGV driver or Operator, and it starts with these four essential elements...

  • Data Retrieval and Downloading
    • All data must be regularly downloaded from drivers' digital cards and Vehicle Units, including those operating on analogue systems.
    • This step is fundamental in creating a comprehensive data pool that reflects all aspects of your fleet's operations.
  • Data Storage and Decryption System
    • As an Operator your data storage system must be robust, centrally held and capable of securely storing raw data - plus deciphering encrypted data.
    • The system should be equipped with the latest technology to ensure data integrity and security, providing a reliable base for data analysis.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis
    • Conducting an in-depth analysis of all drivers' data is imperative for compliance with Drivers' Hours and Working Time regulations.
    • Analysis should include a detailed examination of drivers' working hours, rest periods, and overall compliance with the set regulations.
    • It's not just about identifying breaches, but also understanding patterns and trends within the data that could indicate potential future issues.
  • Infringement Issuance and Monitoring Process
    • Infringement notices must be issued for any violations or breaches of legislation.
    • Beyond this, you must maintain robust monitoring and implement a process for improvement, training, and disciplinary measures.
    • This process should be transparent and fair, ensuring that drivers are aware of their responsibilities and the consequences of non-compliance.

If you need reassurance that your systems and processes meet compliance criteria, we’re here to help.


LDP Transport Consultancy helps keep your business Tachograph compliant.

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Your Independent Tachograph Analysis Bureau

Detecting serious breaches promptly and taking immediate action to resolve any issues is crucial as an Operator and LDP Transport Consultancy exists to help you do just that.

LDP Transport Consultancy systems are meticulously designed to comply with all four of the essential elements during Tachograph Analysis:

  • Your data is seamlessly transferred to our servers for comprehensive analysis using Tachomaster and then relayed to your onsite digital dashboard for easy access and review.
  • Detailed reports highlight critical issues such as:
    • Driver infringements
    • Faults with vehicle units
    • Unaccounted kilometres
    • Patterns of repeat offences - integral in managing driver and vehicle suites effectively.

Our Tachograph Analysis extends beyond basic compliance.

Our full management service goes further than other providers, supporting you with regular monitoring of drivers' hours and vehicle usage, and handling the outcomes:

  • Identifying and handling drivers who consistently infringe upon regulations.
  • Offering upskilling opportunities for planning staff and transport managers.
  • Providing training for both new and existing staff.
  • We also support your disciplinary process, when necessary, ensuring that it is conducted in a fair and constructive manner.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your business not only meets the required legal standards but also operates at an optimal level of efficiency and safety, contributing to the overall success and sustainability of your operations in the competitive world of transport and logistics.


LDP Transport Consultancy will help you maintain high standards of compliance and enhance the efficiency and reputation of your operations.

Your Tachograph Analysis Service starts at £35/month +VAT.

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