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"I would highly recommend using LDP Transport Consultancy. The communication, guidance and ongoing support we received as a company was fantastic. Mr Pritchard is very knowledgable on all aspects of transport and also provided CPC and driver training, we will be using him again in the near future" - Kelly.


The road haulage sector faces complexities and challenges that only an expert in the industry can fully understand.

LDP Transport Consultancy brings extensive sector experience to crafting bespoke road haulage training courses that both address these specific needs – and your unique business challenges.


Our courses are specifically designed to address the key areas of compliance required for operator licence undertakings. We aim to provide educational solutions that are not just informative but transformative.

Here’s how:

  • 1.
    We focus on practical application and understanding, ensuring your team can implement what they've learned in their day-to-day operations.
  • 2.
    By educating your team on these critical aspects, we help mitigate risks and enhance your operations' overall safety and compliance.
  • 3.
    Understanding that each haulage operation is unique, we tailor our training to meet your needs and challenges. Beyond the training sessions, we offer continued support to ensure your operations remain compliant and efficient.

We are here to design a course that educates and aligns perfectly with your company's ethos and operational needs.

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The LDP Transport Consultancy Training Advantage

  • Training Tailored for the Road Haulage Industry
    • Training is relevant and up to date, covering transport and haulage compliance with industry regulations plus operational efficiency and safety.
    • Developed with a deep understanding and experience of sector nuances and current landscape.
  • Interactive and Engaging Transport Operator Training
    • We make learning engaging using interactive methods to enhance understanding and retention.
    • Course content is geared towards the everyday challenges faced by HGV operators, including logistics management, vehicle maintenance, and safety protocols.
    • Case studies reflect real-world situations in the haulage sector, making the training relatable and practical.
    • Bespoke assessments and activities are designed to assess knowledge in areas critical to road haulage operations, to support evaluating the practical application of the training.
  • Tailored Transport Training Integrating Your Company’s Procedures
    • Your company’s operational procedures, policies, and ethos, are considered within the training objectives and content, ensuring the training is fully aligned with your business.
  • Flexible Transport Operator Training Schedules
    • Understanding the demands of the haulage industry, we offer flexible scheduling to minimise disruption to your operations.

By choosing LDP Transport Consultancy, you're partnering with a specialist in road haulage training.

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Showcasing Our Proven Track Record in Specialised HGV Operator Training

At LDP Transport Consultancy, we are proud of our extensive history of delivering high-quality, industry-specific training programmes. Our courses are not just theoretical; they are born out of real-world experience and a deep understanding of the challenges and regulations in the road haulage sector.

Here's a glimpse into some of the key training areas we've successfully covered:

  • 1.
    Drivers' Hours and Working Time
    • Comprehensive training on regulations governing drivers' hours and working time.
    • Focus on legal compliance, fatigue management, and the implications for road safety.
    • Use real-life examples to illustrate the importance of adhering to these regulations.
  • 2.
    Load Security
    • In-depth sessions on the essentials of safe and compliant transport.
    • Training includes practical methods for securing various types of loads, understanding the legal requirements, and mitigating risks associated with load movement.
  • 3.
    Daily Walkaround Checks:
    • Detailed training on conducting effective and thorough daily vehicle checks.
    • Emphasis on preventive maintenance, safety compliance, and early identification of potential issues.
  • 4.
    Company-Specific Procedures and Policies:
    • Customised training modules incorporating your company's unique operational guidelines and policies.
    • Ensuring that your team complies with the broader industry standards and is deeply aligned with your internal procedures.
  • 5.
    Driver CPC Course Integration
    • Are you looking to add value to your Driver CPC Courses? We can tailor a specific module or an entire course, such as a Company Induction Course, which educates drivers on your company’s procedures and policies and contributes to their Driver CPC hours.

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