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Navigating the application process for a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence is no mean feat! If you’re applying and are facing challenges LDP Transport Consultancy can help.

LDP Transport Consultancy is renowned for our expertise in acquiring HGV operators' licences and we excel in navigating complex scenarios, including those involving challenging backgrounds or prior compliance issues.

As an authorised DVSA Operator Licence Auditor, you can trust us to handle every aspect of your application process, seamlessly and efficiently.

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LDP Transport Consultancy delivers a swift and efficient HGV Operator Licence Application Service for just £250 plus VAT, ensuring your licence is granted without delay.

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Operator Licence Applications from £250
plus VAT.

  • LDP Transport Consultancy delivers expert advice and a tailored service for licence applications at competitive prices.
  • Our commitment to excellence guarantees you a swift, efficient and seamless experience in obtaining your operator licence.

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Which HGV Operator Licence do you need?

In the UK, obtaining an operator licence is a mandatory legal obligation for those involved in transporting goods or passengers for hire or reward. This licence stipulates the terms and conditions that an operator must adhere to while conducting your business. Its purpose is to guarantee adherence to safety, environmental, and various other road transport regulations.

LDP Transport Consultancy caters to three types of HGV operator licences: Restricted, Standard National, and Standard International.

HGV Restricted Operator Licence

  • This type of vehicle operator licence is for vehicle users who carry their own goods whilst in the UK or the European Union.

HGV Standard National Licence

  • A Standard National Licence allows operators to transport goods that they own across the EU and to charge for transporting goods not owned by them within the UK on a hire or reward basis.
  • This is usually the type required by haulage and logistics operators to operate within the UK only.

HGV Standard International Licence

  • An HGV Standard International Operator licence is used by hauliers that require EU Community Authorisation to transport goods for hire and reward throughout Europe.

Let us help with your Operator Licence

Our service fee for preparing and submitting your application to the Traffic Commission is £250.00 + VAT.

Our HGV Operator Licence Application Service includes:

  • Telephone/email support from our dedicated application team.
  • Advice and guidance on documentation and information necessary for your application.
  • Preparation and publication of your legally compliant advertisement in an appropriate newspaper.
  • A thorough documentation check prior to submission, to ensure a prompt outcome.
  • Liaison with the DVSA to address any inquiries during the application process, avoiding delays.

Additional Costs and Charges for your Licence Application:


HGV Application fee


Fee for HGV interim applications


Advertising Fees

Public notice fee

approx £350 plus VAT
(additional fees may apply based on the area and selected newspaper)

Granting fee


5-year renewal fee

(payable to the DVSA for HGV licences)


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