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Since 2020, LDP Transport Consultancy has believed in taking a proactive approach to working with Transport Operators rather than reactive. We identify and address compliance or operational issues before they develop into significant challenges.

This forward-thinking mindset allows us to protect our clients' futures, providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively overcome any obstacles you might face in your roles or business as a whole.

Why opt for reactive strategies when you can anticipate and address issues proactively?

LDP Transport Consultancy delivers guidance, consultancy, training and support services that not only cater to your immediate requirements but also strengthen your long-term resilience.


Our customer service is based on how we like to be treated and do business: promptly and with direct and clear communication. We take great pride in this approach which, combined with our proactive style, guarantees:

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    When you connect with us at LDP, you won’t experience the frustration of being passed around between representatives!
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    You will always interact directly with our in-house experts - all seasoned professionals skilled in delivering immediate, accurate, and effective responses to your questions and challenges.

Award Winning Road Haulage Consultancy and Training

LDP Transport Consultancy Ltd has earned its award-winning status through a steadfast commitment to excellence in transport compliance and driver training.

Since its establishment in 2020, the Yorkshire-based consultancy has been a beacon of innovation and expertise in the industry. Led by industry expert Lee Pritchard and supported by his team, the company excels in offering tailored solutions to HGV operators nationwide, focusing on legality and safety in business operations.


What sets LDP apart is its holistic approach, blending advanced technological solutions like transport management systems, GPS tracking, and data analytics with personalised consultancy. This approach is further enhanced by their own digital platform, Hauliers Hub, designed to maintain driver safety and compliance.

The company's comprehensive services, covering everything from compliance to risk management and performance enhancement, have been recognised for their depth and effectiveness.

By developing key performance indicators and measurement frameworks, LDP not only ensures regulatory compliance but also drives operational efficiency, leading to sustained business growth and success.

Haulier’s Hub – Keeping Road Haulage Operators Compliant

Haulier’s Hub is a membership organisation which aims to make road haulage compliance simple. It was the brainchild of experienced industry expert and Founder of LDP Transport Consultancy Lee Pritchard, who has spent decades both behind the wheel and wielding a clipboard, providing audits, training and consultancy to road haulage firms.

Seeing the industry from all sides, Lee felt there was room for simplicity in navigating the requirements of road haulage compliance, and Haulier’s Hub was born – to provide easy access to everything you need to stay compliant and keep your haulage business rolling in the right direction.

Find out more about Haulier’s Hub and membership options.

A Message from our Founder

I founded LDP Transport Consultancy in 2020, after gaining extensive experience in the transport industry. I saw a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on businesses like yours, combining expert consultancy with impactful training solutions.

At LDP Transport Consultancy, we're committed to being your premier partner for consultancy and training services. Our mission is to empower your business to excel, enhancing safety, sustainability, and overall success through our support and expertise.


You can trust LDP to provide you with timely, accurate advice, steering your business towards a brighter future.

Lee Pritchard

Managing Director


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