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Question: Can you tell me whether a driver from the EU, with a UK driving licence, EU tachograph card and EU Driver Qualification Card (issued in the EU in 2023), can drive a HGV in the UK?

18 February 2024

Question: Can you tell me whether a driver from the EU, with a UK driving licence, EU tachograph card and EU Driver ...

Traffic Commissioner's Strong Stance on Falsified Records by Haulage Director

11 February 2024

The Traffic Commissioner for the West Midlands, Miles Dorrington, expressed his dismay at a recent public inquiry, de...

Road Haulage Industry Challenges: Rising Costs and Sustainability Strategies in 2024

21 January 2024

The latest annual cost movement report from the Road Haulage Association (RHA) paints a challenging picture for the h...

Balancing Scaffold Integrity and Operator Licence Regulations

15 January 2024

Erecting scaffold requires thorough preparation and adherence to specific steps to ensure safety. The process begins ...

Workshop fitters logging their hours when driving a goods vehicle over 3.5t?

15 January 2024

Question: Do my workshop fitters need to log their hours when driving a goods vehicle over 3.5t MAM: While road test...

Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes MAM using the outside lane on motorways?

10 January 2024

Question: Can heavy vehicles over 7.5 tonnes MAM use the outside lane on motorways when one lane is closed, for insta...
Digital Walk-Around Checks

Switching walk-around checks from paper to digital!

08 January 2024

Question: We're switching our walk-around check records from paper to digital, using tablets. The driver does th...

Addressing the UK's HGV Mechanic Shortfall: A Call for Strategic Action

02 January 2024

The UK's road haulage industry is currently facing a significant challenge with a marked shortfall in heavy goods veh...

How to Prepare for a Public Inquiry Before a Traffic Commissioner

29 December 2023

Occasionally, operators and transport managers may be called to a public inquiry before a Traffic Commissioner. Publi...

Operator Licence Undertakings

29 December 2023

When signing the application for an Operator’s Licence, the applicant and the nominated transport manager must declar...

Global truck driver shortage will double by 2028

28 December 2023

Over three million truck driver jobs are unfilled, or 7% of total positions, in 36 countries studied in a new report ...

Preventing Unnecessary Public Inquiries

17 December 2023

Numerous public inquiries originate from incidents such as bridge collisions, detached wheels, or unsecured loads, an...