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HGV Seat Belt

Safety First? The Exceptions to Seat Belt Rules in Lorries

25 September 2023

Are there certain circumstances when an HGV driver does not need to wear a seat belt? Here are the requirements you n...
Locked Container

How can I increase the security of the load in my HGV?

18 September 2023

Road freight crime has been identified as a prevalent issue across Europe, costing the UK economy an estimated £250 m...

Driver Pre Use ''Gate Check''

15 September 2023

Watch our video on how to run your "Gate Check"

On the Road Exemptions: Is Your Vehicle on the List?

11 September 2023

Some commercial vehicles are not bound by the tachograph regulations. Here's the complete list, which may be longer t...
Financial Planning

The Financial Standing Requirement: A Necessary Reserve or a Drain on Your Fleet Maintenance Budget?

04 September 2023

Must we be able to demonstrate that we meet the financial standing requirement all the time? Isn’t the whole idea tha...

Signing Tachograph Infringement Letters: Is It Enough or Are You Missing a Crucial Step?

28 August 2023

Is having your drivers sign infringement letters generated by your tachograph analysis software sufficient for comply...

Caught Overweight by the DVSA? Here's What You Might Not Know...

21 August 2023

Your driver has been stopped by the DVSA because the vehicle exceeded its weight limit. What steps should you take? T...

Unveiling the Secrets of Gate Checks: What the DVSA Wants You to Know!

14 August 2023

The DVSA advises that you carry out “gate checks” on your drivers’ walk around checks. How should you do this? In lig...
Licence Set up

Do I Need an Operator's Licence?

06 July 2023

Applying for an operator’s licence is a significant step for any business venturing into the world of operating vehi...

Operator Compliance Risk Score - How it Works

13 February 2023

Watch our video on how the Operator Compliance risk score works

What is A Transport Compliance Audit

20 January 2023

Learn about Transport Compliance audits and how they work.

What is an Operators Licence?

10 December 2022