Workshop fitters logging their hours when driving a goods vehicle over 3.5t?

Question: Do my workshop fitters need to log their hours when driving a goods vehicle over 3.5t MAM:

  • While road testing a vehicle post-inspection or diagnosing a defect?
  • When taking a vehicle for its annual test?

Answer: EU drivers' hours rules exempt vehicles on road tests for repair, maintenance, or technical development, as well as new or rebuilt vehicles not yet in service. However, DVSA doesn't extend this exemption to trips to annual tests, as these aren't considered technical, repair, or maintenance road tests. The vehicle is merely travelling to or from a test station.

The Department for Transport (DfT) deems drivers who don't transport goods or passengers in their job as exempt from EU drivers' hours and tachograph rules. Therefore, a technician like a fitter/mechanic might be exempt under DfT's view. They suggest that driving a vehicle to a test station, even with a dummy load like test ballast or concrete blocks, doesn't fall under EU drivers' hours rules. However, carrying regular loads would require compliance with these rules.

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