Running Small Goods Vehicles

Small goods vehicles are those with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) not exceeding 3.5 tonnes and with over four million of them on the roads, make a hugely important contribution to the economy that is growing year on year. They are a vital component in internet shopping and e-fulfilment, delivering in the region of 800 million parcels to homes in the UK and covering around 48 billion miles annually.

Despite not being covered by the system of Operator Licensing, small goods vehicle operators and drivers are still subject to most of the legal sanctions as those using larger vehicles. It is important that such vehicles are operated in a safe and professional manner and not seen as cheap and easy solution.

Employers’ Duties

It is the driver’s employer or vehicle operator’s/owner’s responsibility to ensure that:

Employees’ Duties

Employee drivers should:

If you need our support on this topic please feel free to get in touch as we cover not only larger vehicles but also small goods vehicles and provide policies, procedures and driver handbooks.

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