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Haulage boss guilty of manslaughter

Publish: Wednesday July/14/ 2021

The owner of an East Yorkshire based haulage company has been found guilty of two counts of manslaughter through gross negligence and two counts of causing death while uninsured after two men died in a collision with one of his vehicles on the M62 in April 2018. Michael Holgate had previously entered a guilty plea […]

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Dealing with an overloaded vehicle

Publish: Wednesday June/30/ 2021

Question: My driver has been pulled over by the DVSA with an overweight vehicle – what should we do? Answer: The most important first step is to deal properly with the immediate situation. Arrangements should therefore be made to ensure that any weight prohibition issued is lifted so that the vehicle and load can be […]

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What is the difference between the various types of clean air zones? I can’t tell my ULEZ from my CAZ!

Publish: Thursday June/10/ 2021

Question: What is the difference between the various types of clean air zones? I can’t tell my ULEZ from my CAZ! They are essentially different terms for the same thing. The aim of the various clean air zones (CAZs) is to discourage polluting traffic from entering city centres, whilst encouraging low-emission vehicles such as electric […]

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Company policies to prevent vehicle overloading

Publish: Sunday May/30/ 2021

In order to enhance road safety, protect the Operator Licence and maintain the reputation of the company, the operator should have clear policies with regard to the prevention of vehicle overloading. Company policy should contain understandable statements of intent as to how the company will achieve its objectives of preventing overloading, e.g. 1. The requirement […]

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Should I pay my HGV drivers from a timesheet or from a tachograph?

Publish: Monday May/10/ 2021

In our industry most drivers are paid by the hour and some operators choose to pay based upon what a tachograph shows, while others rely upon the start and end times recorded by drivers using timesheets or clock cards. In my experience in the industry I have seen both in operation and whilst one may […]

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