Digital Walk-Around Checks

Switching walk-around checks from paper to digital!

Question: We're switching our walk-around check records from paper to digital, using tablets. The driver does the check and records it on the tablet, but once it's done, it's uploaded to our fleet software and isn't kept in the lorry.

Here's the issue: can the driver call our office to confirm the check during roadside checks, or do they need to show proof right there?

Answer: Drivers are expected to show they've done the vehicle check immediately when asked. But, how long an officer will wait for you to pull up this proof can vary. If your driver has to wait too long for the office to email a copy, the officer might not accept it.

Bottom line: the info needs to be ready to show on the spot. So, you might need to consider giving your drivers the correct equipment to access these records directly when required.

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