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FORS membership

The TfL Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is recognised and highly rated voluntary scheme with the aim of raising the bar for fleet operators. Allowing them to demonstrate where they are operating in line with industry best practices, higher standards of safety, compliance, efficiency and environmental protection.

Looking for help with FORS?

Be it help with Bronze, Silver or Gold – Putting systems in place to gain FORS approval is one thing but maintaining those systems over the course of the year is a whole different ball game. As a leading provider of FORS consultancy services our lead FORS consultant also conducts official bronze audits on behalf of FORS, so we know how to keep you compliant.

What does our FORS support service consist of?


FORS Audit

Have you failed your FORS audit? Or do you simply want to make sure you pass first time. Our FORS auditors have a wealth of experience in systems audits and our lead auditor, is a FORS Practitioner and conducts official bronze audits on behalf of FORS so we know what it takes to get you through.

In examining your operation, our Auditing Team will conduct a full analysis against the relevant FORS criteria and report back to you with an action plan. Following this, you can then use our FORS Support Services to ensure continuous compliance with the standard.

FORS approval and accreditation is rapidly gaining in popularity throughout the UK; as the number of businesses acquiring membership rises, the competition to be among the very best in road haulage rises with it. Many of Britain’s larger organisations are not only FORS accredited but will only deal with other businesses who are similarly accredited. With this in mind, it is clear that a fleet’s potential for growth will become increasingly dependent on how they are viewed by FORS.

Our prices for this service are determined by the size of the fleet and the number of locations, so please get in touch today [email protected]


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